Kuhpa Caravanserai

Registered as a National Opus

Kuhpa Carvanserai is located in Isfahan-Nain road in Kuhpayeh historical town. In 2000, it was registered as a national opus and it was renewed by Iranian Carvanserai Hotel Group in 2014. Now, Kuhpa Carvanserai Hotel welcomes the distinguished guests for a memorable accommodation .Kuhpa Carvanserai Hotel is special traditional hotel in both Iran and the world with below welfare, accommodative and recreational facilities.

The characteristics of Kuhpayeyeh Abbassi Carvanserai

Concerning geographical situation, oldness, growth and ecology, Kuhpaye Abbasi Carvanserai is a locus to fascinate both domestic and foreign tourists. Today, global museums and ancient places have lost their static status and are moving dynamically .Creating a museum hotel is an idea toward a cultural pheromone for users of buildings. Hence, Iranian Carvanserai Hotel Group renewed Kuhpaye Abbasi Carvanserai without destroying it in order to attract tourists.